2012 Creatief met Leegstand Festival

De Fabriek is aanwezig met een expo-muur tijdens het Creatief met Leegstand Festival 25&26 mei. ReNew Rotterdam wil met het Leegstand Festival alle partijen samenbrengen om creatief leegstand te bestrijden.Vrijdag is er een dag vol workshops voor professionals, bedrijven en individuen. Zaterdag is voor E3,50 de hele dag inloop van 10.00. Voor info, zie http://leefstand.wordpress.com/.

*In recent years, Rotterdam has seen an increase in empty commercial real estate. One of the places where this growing issue is most recognisable today is the Nieuwe Binnenweg.*

*Reasons are plentiful; the financial crisis & degenerating buildings are partly to blame, but what other factors are at play? Is our economic reality changing with the times? What can small business owners & real estate developers do to bring life back to decaying urban landscapes?*

*Are you a real estate owner, developer or working with empty spaces?*

*Are you a creative entrepreneur looking for a temporary shop space to try your idea or start up?*

*The Creatief Met Leegstand (Creative with Vacant Spaces) Festival offers inspiration on a local and global level on creative, sustainable & efficient use of empty spaces. During this event we are choosing to focus on Nieuwe Binnenweg especially because of the major changes and redevelopments taking place in 2012.*