De Fabriek seeds out into Route Du Nord

Various allies of De Fabriek are going to suprise visitors at the upcoming edition of Route Du Nord, themed “gender”.

_notDef & friends (a.o. Ineke and Erwin) will be serving an action packed space with music and visuals. Interaction with visitors participants will create an almost casual encounter with art and experiments during the weekend.

Vers&Fris, the living/working-community that houses Chris, Jiskar & ALexander, will be part of the “Detour Du Nord” program. At the end of the festival area, beware of road deviations and “helpful” road workers to extend your visit to undiscovered areas in the old northern part of town. Opening times sat-sun from 12-18. Guided tours and performances at set times.

The weekend runs from Friday evening 22-24 June. Most entrances are for free. See you there!