Rotterdam Told by People


The idea behind the set of mirrors was to create a map of Rotterdam based on people’s stories. The mirrors reflect collective interpretations of the city itself and places within it. When looking into any of the mirrors you will not only see a reflection of yourself but also the experiences of others in the city. This makes ‘Rotterdam Told by People’ an unusual guide through the city, besides it being a set of storytelling mirrors. All stories that inspired the design can be read here.

‘Rotterdam Told by People’ is developed in De Fabriek by concept designer Catinca Tilea in collaboration with researcher and storyteller Stefan Blokker. The design set was commissioned by Sweatshop Deluxe and is now available to purchase in their online shop, in the Sweatshop Deluxe flagship store and the selected stores.

‘Rotterdam Told by People’ will soon officially be launched for the press. Please feel free to join in for discussions and drinks!
Save the date!
22 November 2013, between 16:00 – 20:00 ‘o clock
at the Sweatshop Deluxe store on Zaagmolendrift 35, Rotterdam.